HarperDB at Node.js Interactive

HarperDB had its coming out party to the Node.js community last week as we were a sponsor at Node.js Interactive in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The event is one of many hosted by the Linux Foundation and the venue provided for an incredible backdrop to a very exciting event.

There were approximately 750 attendees this year and the enthusiasm around Node was palpable. Over the course of two days, more than 200 Node.js developers visited our booth to learn more about HarperDB and more than 50 downloaded our Community Edition.

It was very exciting to interact with the Node.js community and hear their feedback, and discuss the HarperDB roadmap.  We chatted with individual developers and learned about their journeys through Node.js and how HarperDB could be a step along that adventure.  People had some incredible ideas around what could be done with HarperDB, and it was amazingly fun to watch folks building on top of it right there on-site. There were also great suggestions on some really incredible solutions and libraries that we are excited to begin working to incorporate within HarperDB.

We enjoyed talking to the awesome folks at NPM like Laurie Voss (@seldo) and learning about different features and options at NPM for HarperDB.  It was also exciting to hear about different contributions companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Intel are making to the Node.js community. 

We feel very lucky to be part of such an open, enthusiastic, and cutting edge community.  Thank you to the Linux Foundation for hosting such a great event and one that the founders of HarperDB will never forget.  We look forward to returning next year.