Unified Data Fabric
Store IT, OT, and IoT data wherever it makes sense. Access it from anywhere. Transport it instantly and securely.
Runs Anywhere

HarperDB is a full-featured data management platform that runs from edge to cloud, and anywhere in between. 

Exceptionally Secure

Configure role-based user permissions down to the attribute level, and stop replicating data just to secure it.

Enable Real-Time Decisions

Accessing and interpreting realtime data is necessary for critical decision making. In order to handle the volume of inbound data from cloud applications, internal systems, and IoT sensors, the best practice has been to deploy multiple specialized databases with a data migration process between them. HarperDB’s patented storage algorithm and distributed data platform handles blazing fast writes and realtime analysis in a single package. 

Unify Disparate Data

HarperDB is designed to natively ingest semi-structured and structured data from any source and make it instantly available for analytics through SQL, NoSQL, JDBC, ODBC, and Excel. Our schemaless design ensures that changes to your source data never break processes downstream. And our clustering & replication features allow you to control table-level data replication across your network. 

Shorten Development Cycles

HarperDB’s built-in API eliminates the need for API or Middleware development, reducing the time it takes to deliver production-ready solutions across the enterprise. Built by developers for developers, HarperDB takes care of the boilerplate- you can be up and running and making calls to HarperDB in minutes, not days or weeks. From proof of concept to production, HarperDB was designed to make you happy.