HarperDB is a turn-key solution for the collection, distribution, and analysis of data throughout your organization. Projects that have historically taken months (or even years) of consulting, configuration, and custom development can be completed in days or weeks with HarperDB.


HarperDB provides unmatched flexibility, security, and value for just about every use case, and we do it all with a single installation that can run in the cloud, on-premise, and at the edge.

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HarperDB Studio

Every Installation of HarperDB can be administered online using HarperDB Studio. This web-based interface provides you the ability to set up new schemas and tables, configure users and roles, manage data replication, and purchase and deploy enterprise licenses.


Built-In API

Reduce or eliminate complexity by using HarperDB’s built-in API. Create and manage not only the data you’re storing but all configuration and replication settings from a single endpoint that supports http and https.


  • Reduce or Eliminate Middleware – speed up development and lower costs
  • Reduce Overhead, Increase Security – API requests are individually authenticated and self-closing

Pub-Sub Data Replication

HarperDB leverages a highly efficient, pub-sub model to move data between instances within your network. Unlike traditional “replication” that moves the entirety of your database across the network, we enable bi-directional, table-level replication to ensure you’re only moving the data you need, and storing it only where you need it.


  • Highly Efficient – move data around the network in real-time with less overhead
  • Exceptionally Secure – deliver specific data to specific nodes, each with its own security roles

SQL Query Engine

Interact with HarperDB using our built-in API’s native operations, or use traditional SQL queries- including joins. Unstructured databases often force you to move complex query logic into your application. HarperDB allows you to access your data using the syntax you’re already familiar with.


  • Simplify Migration – Reuse your existing SQL queries on data migrated to HarperDB
  • Exceptional Flexibility – You’re never limited to our built-in API operations


HarperDB’s JDBC and ODBC interfaces allow you to connect your data to existing Business Intelligence solutions like Tableau and Power BI. Backed by HarperDB’s real-time data replication, your BI dashboards and reports are free from the cadence of your ETL processes. HarperDB gives you instant access to your data, allowing your reports to deliver more timely insights, and empowering you to make more proactive data-driven decisions.


  • Use The Tools You Already Love – HarperDB helps them deliver more value, faster

Storage Algorithm

HarperDB leverages a logical structure which allows for ACID compliant efficient storage and retrieval without data duplication, inconsistency, race conditions, or utilizing in-memory indexing.  The underlying technology stores data values and attributes individually, allowing for discrete read and write operations which increases performance, reduces overhead, ensures transactional persistence, enables scale, and allows for full indexing of all data. The unique storage algorithm allows for polyglot persistence without the duplication of data on disk or in-memory this provides the ability to write once in any format, and retrieve in the desired format on read. 


  • Universal Indexing – all columns are indexed by default
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data – store more, write less
  • No More Locks – You can’t have a row lock if you don’t have rows

Dynamic Schema

HarperDB frees you from the hassle of defining data types, which gives you unlimited flexibility as your applications evolve and scale over time.  Combined with our storage algorithm, HarperDB delivers the flexibility of a NoSQL database with the power of both Time-Series and Relational databases.


  • Store Structured and Unstructured Data, including JSON
  • Modify Your Data Structure On The Fly