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Distributed Application Processing with Apache Kafka & HarperDB

I recently learned about Apache Kafka and wanted to learn about it in my favorite manner: build a project using it! I’ve used other similar products in the past and explored the pros and cons so it would be great to explore Kafka as well. My plan is to emulate a storefront already using Apache … Continued

What is Database Clustering?

What is a database cluster? Database clustering is the process of connecting more than one single database instance or server to your system. In most common database clusters, multiple database instances are usually managed by a single database server called the master. In the systems design world, implementing such a design may be necessary especially … Continued

Simple Multi-Node Table Replication with HarperDB Pub/Sub

In the previous articles that I’ve written about HarperDB, we’ve explored the realms of Kubernetes, and Helm. Now it’s time to step back a little and try to understand another cool feature that it offers in this short and straight-to-the-point article. Let’s imagine we work for a company that provides business intelligence on productive processes … Continued

How to Build a Real-Time Crypto Dashboard with HarperDB

I recently helped a friend out with a project and wanted to show how I accomplished building a straightforward dynamic dashboard to display cryptocurrency prices and news articles about the market for them. I once again chose to use HarperDB, as it made powering this project incredibly easy since it handles all of the hosting, storage, … Continued