Stephen Goldberg

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen has worked as a CTO and CEO of startups, held several roles at larger organizations like Red Hat, and led digital transformation projects at a number of Fortune 500 companies across many verticals. He is an established thought leader in the IoT space, having been published on sites like Tech Target, and quoted in a number of articles and publications like Forbes and ZDNet. He has been a speaker at IoT World, SAP Sapphire, and’s Dreamforce. Stephen holds 2 patents with Kyle and Zach.

Kyle Bernhardy

Chief Technical Officer

Kyle has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has held leadership roles in product development, support, and consulting at companies ranging in size from startup to publicly traded. Kyle is the co-inventor of 2 patents with Stephen and Zachary. He is an expert in cloud architecture as well as multiple programming languages.

Fred Yoon

Chief Operating Officer

Fred has spent over 15 years working in the software industry in roles across product development, operations, customer support, and sales. Before HarperDB, Fred held leadership roles at Phizzle, Inc. for over 10 years. He has always been a top sales performer and has developed, maintained, and grown multiple sales channels with companies like SAP, Twitter, and more.

Zach Fowler

Chief Product Officer

Zachary has extensive experience in cloud architecture, infrastructure, database systems, middleware technology, and AWS. He has held various roles within support, software development, DevOps, infrastructure, and consulting. Zachary is a leading expert on SAP HANA, and is a co-inventor of 2 patents with Stephen and Kyle.

Jaxon Repp

Vice President, Product

Jaxon has 25 years of experience architecting, designing, and developing enterprise software. He has served as founder of three technology startups, run Technology, Product, and Solution Architecture at several others, and consulted with multiple Fortune 500 companies on IoT and Digital Transformation initiatives. A partially-reformed developer, he understands what it’s like to wrestle with technology instead of benefiting from it, and believes passionately that if the Jetsons never had an episode where a config file error brought down the food-o-matic, it surely should not be a problem now.

Jacob Cohen

Director, Engineering

Jacob holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from George Mason University. He is an active FIRST Robotics volunteer, serving as Judge Advisor and Referee. Jacob has several years of technology consulting experience for large governmental organizations. He previously interned at Kloudroot with Zach, Kyle, and Stephen. Prior to joining HarperDB, Jacob held roles as Project Leader and Senior Consultant at Macedon Technologies.

Aron Johnson

Director, DevOps

Aron has over 10 years of information technology experience across a variety of industries, where he focused on systems administration, engineering, architecture, and information security. At HarperDB, Aron is responsible for development operations, automation engineering, and deployment.

Margo McCabe

Sr. Director Developer Relations & Partnerships

Margo has experience working in a variety of roles including Customer Success, Enterprise Sales, Marketing, and Business Development.  In her last role, Margo helped a local area startup expand outside of existing verticals and grow sales by over 200%.  Margo has an MBA from the University of Colorado and has extensive experience working abroad.  At HarperDB, Margo leads developer relations, community engagement, and partnerships.

Jason Bathrick

Business Development Consultant

Jason has spent 8+ years working in a variety of business development roles across multiple industries.  He has experience working in Construction, Transportation, Consulting, GIS, and Technology.  Prior to joining HarperDB, Jason was Senior Solutions Consultant for ikeGPS, Inc.

David Cockerill

Software Engineer

David has over a decade of experience working in the electrical engineering industry in Australia and New Zealand, working in verticals like Oil and Gas, Mining, and Natural Gas with companies like Woodside Petroleum, Rio Tinto, and Enerflex. David has an Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Engineering Institute of Technology in Perth, Australia and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Massey University. At HarperDB, David is responsible for software development and testing of the core product.

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