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Episode 10: Thoughts on HarperDB & Industry 4.0 from a Director of Innovation

In this special episode, Margo chats with Ron Lewis, a friend (and fan) of HarperDB. Ron is the Director of Innovation, Engineering, & Integration at Lumen Technologies. With a diverse background in innovative tech and data science and security, Ron has some interesting insights to share - to say the least!

Questions covered in this episode:

1- What initially drew you to HarperDB?

2- You focus a lot on disruptive technologies - do you see HarperDB as disruptive? What other technologies are super disruptive right now?

3- What do you mean when you say you don't necessarily use HarperDB as a database?

4- Talk a bit about 4th industrial revolution technologies (Industry 4.0), what does it mean to you?

5- Predictions for the future when it comes to innovative technologies?

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