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The team at HarperDB is excited to bring you our new podcast, SELECT*. We will be featuring guests across a wide range of backgrounds and topics, with the goal of being your resource for coding tips, best practices, diversity & inclusion, product reviews, tech trends, jobs, and much, much more! We ain't your grandma's podcast, we can guarantee some fun and entertainment while we're at it! Fill out the form below to subscribe and stay up to date with the latest episodes. Have an idea for a podcast topic, interested in being a guest, or nominating a guest? Don't hold back! Reach out to anytime.

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S02 E01: TensorFlow.js, Building Community, & Coding for the Greater Good w/ BekahHW

Margo starts off season 2 of SELECT* with Bekah, a Software Developer & Technical Community Builder. Bekah talks about how learning to code can be therapeutic, what it was like building the Virtual Coffee community, and more recently becoming a Technical Community Builder. We also touch on what is TensorFlow.js and why it's important, as well as some really cool use cases for Machine Learning.

Find Bekah on Twitter: @BekahHW

Virtual Coffee: @VirtualCoffeeIO

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