The HarperDB Difference

HarperDB’s distributed data + application platform is orders of magnitude faster and more flexible than last-generation alternatives. Easily replace SQL and NoSQL databases for cloud, edge, on-prem, peer-to-peer, and multi-deployment use cases. From validating an idea to delivering global scale, HarperDB grows with your application, and saves you time and money every step of the way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide solutions that empower customers, partners and employees to innovate quickly and easily while maintaining simplicity and fostering confidence. We believe that data integration, sync, and analysis should be easy yet powerful.


HarperDB was founded in 2017 in Denver, Colorado where the majority of our team is located. Denver is the heart of a budding tech industry, and while it will always be our HQ, we recently made the decision to go hybrid remote, opening the door to having a global staff.

Our Founding Story

An episode featuring our CTO Kyle Bernhardy

Bonus: Kyle Bernhardy, HarperDB