As more software providers move their customers to the cloud and business owners depend on more cloud based applications, there is a new challenge of aggregating critical data for reporting and to help grow and sustain a business.


With HarperDB, business owners can install a node on an inexpensive device or computer at their location and connect the node to other nodes in the cloud. Their cloud nodes can aggregate data from their application silos using standard interfaces and then automatically deliver just their critical data to their local node. Once local, they can hook up their favorite analytics tool and instantly access the information needed to run their business. No more logging into to all of the systems, downloading CSV’s, performing Excel gymnastics to find their critical KPI’s. With HarperDB you can set up the nodes once, hook up your Excel or other analytics tool and instantly run your reports and analytics – on demand.

Aggregate all of your data into one place for daily reporting

When running a business, it’s often necessary to login to several cloud systems, export data into a CSV, and then download to the desktop to run reports.  With HarperDB, you can setup nodes in the cloud and on premise, and synchronize just the data you need into one location for easy and quick reporting.


Reduce your cloud costs with edge computing and local processing

If you have lots of data created on site, you are often paying to transfer high volumes of noncritical data to the cloud. By implementing a HarperDB node locally, you can collect, aggregate and filter the data to only transfer what is critical to the cloud.


Manage data locally but perform analytics in the cloud

For companies that manage multiple facilities, the hybrid cloud approach provides the ability to run HarperDB nodes on premise for real time operations and data collection, while automating the aggregation and reporting of all data into one central location.  Perform local analytics for day to day operations and manage your overall enterprise with an aggregated cloud dataset.  Setup is easy and data workflows are automatic, providing a cost effective enterprise solution for running your business.

Ready to Try HarperDB?


Our newest product, HarperDB Cloud is a great way to get started on your edge to cloud project.

We are looking for developers to beta HarperDB Cloud and we are offering $250 in credits to make your project a reality. Be up in running in five minutes and let us worry about managing and hosting your database so you can focus more on code and worry less about DevOps.