HarperDB provides a seamless unified data plane for your Industrial IoT applications. We empower you to securely collect, analyze, and transport the wide variety of data your current and future systems generate.


Small but Powerful Footprint

HarperDB is written in Node.js which requires significantly less RAM and CPU than a traditional database. In fact, at rest, HarperDB uses no resources as it is stateless. This is ideal for IoT Devices and IoT projects as it allows for battery conservation and the maximization of value of these micro-computing devices.


Smart Asset Management 

Certified HarperDB hardware and easy to use deployment management tools such as Docker and Kubernetes allow for intelligent analytics from edge to cloud across all of your sensor networks.


Database as a Microservice

Interfacing with HarperDB is done through a simple to use REST API. HarperDB has a single end point with a consistent JSON object model that allows you to simply and explicitly interact with your data.

In this example, the client ran a power station which generated electricity for their mining operation.  Power distribution was controlled through a bank of electrical relays from multiple vendors.  When a relay tripped, part of the plant would be shutdown until the team could analyze the fault and correct the problem.  To analyze the fault, team members would plug in their laptops to each of their relays and download the waveform and event data, bring that data back to their offices and determine the issues – all while the plant is down.


A solution was developed where a node of HarperDB was installed in the power station on the same network as the relays.  Data was continuously streamed to the HarperDB node which aggregated the signals and provides real time averaging to the operators on a dashboard.  When an event triggered, the event data and the log of operator activity was collected and replicated to the administration building for analysis in real time.


Ready to Try HarperDB?


Our newest product, HarperDB Cloud is a great way to get started on your IoT project.

We are looking for developers to beta HarperDB Cloud and we are offering $250 in credits to make your project a reality. Be up in running in five minutes and let us worry about managing and hosting your database so you can focus more on code and worry less about DevOps.