Data orchestration is a term that is becoming more prevalent due to the growth of AI and analytics tools and more data driven processes.  It basically refers to the automated controls that collects and aggregates data from various silos across the organization into specialized packages specific for end users or applications.


HarperDB as a data orchestration layer brings your data where you need it via configuration. Install HarperDB nodes closer to where your compute is required, anywhere from cloud to on-premise to edge devices, and configure table level replication to deliver data where it’s required.

In this example architecture, an admin user sets thresholds for specific on premise sensors and manages settings for moving data from the ERP into a local reporting node. Web applications utilize a local data node which also acts as a local collection point for sensor data. Data is aggregated and filtered locally and integrated to a HarperDB node in the cloud that integrates directly to an ERP system. Data from the ERP can also be redirect4ed back to the local node for business analytics.


Directionally at your Discretion

Configure which direction table data flows with the ability to set data to publish and/or subscribe between nodes. HarperDB is giving you the power to define data movement your way.


Agnostic in More Ways than One

HarperDB is compute and cloud agnostic, meaning you can install it on anything with an Operating System, and all HarperDB nodes can communicate with each other as long as there is network connectivity between them.


Your Data, Your Analytics

Utilize HarperDB’s native drivers to connect to the analytics platform or BI tool of your choice. HarperDB offers JDBC, ODBC, and Excel drivers in addition to our REST API featuring SQL and NoSQL options.

Ready to Try HarperDB?


Our newest product, HarperDB Cloud is a great way to get started on data orchestration across your business.

We are looking for developers to beta HarperDB Cloud and we are offering $250 in credits to make your project a reality. Be up in running in five minutes and let us worry about managing and hosting your database so you can focus more on code and worry less about DevOps.