The basis for the HarperDB platform is a patented storage algorithm which leverages the underlying file system and stores field data as individual files – atomically.  All data is only stored once and the algorithm creates symbolic links to the fields to create indexes which can be used for queries and other core application functions.

Instantly Access All of Your Data

No need for expensive indexes which effectively make copies of your data to speed queries.  In HarperDB each field is atomically indexed and stored which reduces the complexity and cost of your data management.


Build infinite security roles with a single copy of your data

Since each field is atomically managed, you can build custom security roles to secure fields individually – without making copies of your data.


Crash Proof Inserts for High Volumes

HarperDB manages data at a field level so the likelihood of a system crash is almost impossible.  Many users can simultaneously write to the same row of data without row locking – which is necessary in high data volume environments. 

In this example, a schema is first defined which creates a folder on the file system.  Under the schema, a table folder is then created for aggregating similar data – to mimic a standard RDBMS structure which is most familiar to end users.  When data is written to the table, each field is then written to an individual file stored under a primary index or hash.  Folders are also created for each field with symbolic links to the data which in essence creates the indexes.  A by product of the design is that each field is automatically indexed on write without duplication or added computing required.


Accessing the data is performed through the API and can be implemented as ANSI SQL queries or REST calls using JSON.  Since the data is dynamically interrogated on write and committed directly to disk, there is no need to predefine a schema – the schema is Dynamic which greatly reduces complexity and future proofs the application.  if the source data changes over time, then the ingest process does not need to be refactored.


Ready to Try HarperDB?


Our newest product, HarperDB Cloud is a great way to get started on modernizing your data warehouse.

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