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The Pendulum Swing to the Edge

 It’s funny how the pendulum swings in the technology world.  First we started with mainframes, then moved to personal computers, now we’re back to the cloud.  Remote, local, remote. Right now we’re on the forefront of the pendulum swinging back again, this time to edge computing.  Today’s blog post is all about possibilities.  The what if?  What if we … Continued

How to Pick a Database for your IoT Project

 There are a lot of things to consider when jumping into a new IoT project such as security, connectivity, hardware, device management, battery life, sensor types, and many more.  One of the things that often becomes an afterthought is data management.  That said, data management can have a major impact on many of the aforementioned areas.  The goal of … Continued

HarperDB @ IoT World 2018

Last week, with much anticipation, HarperDB sponsored and exhibited at the annual IoT World in Santa Clara, CA.  Over 3 days, the team spoke to a diverse group of people from developers and potential software partners, to analysts and investors.  We were one of over 170 exhibitors at the conference.  Exhibitors ranged from very large enterprise companies, like SAP, … Continued

HarperDB @ IoTBuild 2018

 Last week HarperDB exhibited at IoTBuild in San Francisco, California.  This was our first IoT conference and we couldn’t have had more fun!  We came ready to show off HarperDB on our brand new Raspberry Pi demo cluster and to talk with leading thinkers in the IoT space, and we did just that.   Arrival When we first arrived we didn’t … Continued

The Future of IoT: Sensing-as-a-Service

We keep reading about how data is the next frontier. Businesses will need to fully understand their data in order to keep a competitive advantage. This is true, but there is an issue with keeping common data siloed. I’m all about protecting proprietary data, but some data doesn’t need to stay private. What if companies … Continued

Building a Healthcare Portal with HarperDB HTAP

 The HarperDB Hackathon concluded on Monday with five stellar finalists but only one winner. Congratulations to Team Pangongso on your incredible Healthcare Portal example using HarperDB. The sole member of Pangongso, Ashwini Kumar, is an accomplished technical architect out of Boston working in finance. The goal of Ashwini’s healthcare portal was very similar to that of HarperDB, to simplify … Continued

The Beowulf ARMy and the Advantage of HTAP for IoT

One of the things we have been talking about a lot in the IoT space is taking advantage of existing capital investments for HTAP workloads.  For example, a lot of companies are purchasing massive amounts of IoT devices; however, in a lot of cases those devices are being used for collection only.    Something that really interests … Continued