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What is the Internet of Data?

 At HarperDB we have recently been seeing a lot of interest in the “Internet of Data”.   We hear a lot about the Internet of Things, but what is the Internet of Data?   I really see these two things as the same, but simply referring to different parts of the network.    When people are talking … Continued

3 Trends in Serverless Compute: IoT and Beyond

In the deluge of new tech terms that are constantly hitting our eyeballs “serverless” or “serverless compute” is one term that comes up more and more frequently. While the term serverless is a bit of a misnomer, we need servers or at least computers to run code, the concept allows a developer to write bits of code and deploy … Continued

Growing Pains with Industrial IoT

Too many IoT sensors, not enough disks. You read the GE report and got leadership on board with big data and Industrial IoT. You enabled all your edge computing IoT sensors and monitors. You painstakingly designed and implemented your data warehouse for analytics with custom ETL solutions. You turned on the data fire hose.  Then … Continued