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Manage High Resolution Data from Rotating Machines – An IIoT Challenge

One of the consistent themes that has surfaced when working with industrial clients is their reliance on high performance rotating machinery. Whether it’s steam turbines delivering electrical power or compressors in mid stream gas fields, these machines are the foundation for most heavy industries. If you consider the combustion engine as a rotating machine as well, we … Continued

Mobile Asset Management for Industrial Applications

 Though HarperDB is a database and not an application company, we often find ourselves building templates for partners to prove the value of edge and distributed computing. Our partners then leverage these templates to develop custom solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients. One of our most successful templates supports mobile asset management using edge … Continued

How to Pick a Database for your IoT Project

 There are a lot of things to consider when jumping into a new IoT project such as security, connectivity, hardware, device management, battery life, sensor types, and many more.  One of the things that often becomes an afterthought is data management.  That said, data management can have a major impact on many of the aforementioned areas.  The goal of … Continued

The Future of IoT: Sensing-as-a-Service

We keep reading about how data is the next frontier. Businesses will need to fully understand their data in order to keep a competitive advantage. This is true, but there is an issue with keeping common data siloed. I’m all about protecting proprietary data, but some data doesn’t need to stay private. What if companies … Continued

HarperDB for IoT Launches Today

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of HarperDB for IoT, the only enterprise class database solution available to run on the edge. We built HarperDB to empower IoT initiatives by tackling massive big data challenges with a solution, that leverages an HTAP model, to internalize complexities and simplify the process of ingestion to analytics. Global … Continued

What is the Internet of Data?

 At HarperDB we have recently been seeing a lot of interest in the “Internet of Data”.   We hear a lot about the Internet of Things, but what is the Internet of Data?   I really see these two things as the same, but simply referring to different parts of the network.    When people are talking … Continued

3 Trends in Serverless Compute: IoT and Beyond

In the deluge of new tech terms that are constantly hitting our eyeballs “serverless” or “serverless compute” is one term that comes up more and more frequently. While the term serverless is a bit of a misnomer, we need servers or at least computers to run code, the concept allows a developer to write bits of code and deploy … Continued