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Hybrid Cloud: A Perfect Blend

The Cloud. The term in tech is as amorphous as a real cloud. Clouds come in various types: public, private, hybrid, there is even a fog.  But what exactly are they all and how do they benefit organizations? We’ll do a quick dive into what these are and discuss which one we feel has the most benefit. … Continued

2018 Predictions for Big Data, Databases, & Analytics

Happy New Year from the HarperDB Team!   It’s a new year full of promise, new technology and so very much data. This year we will see maturation of technologies new and existing, and a partial departure from the cloud. Let’s peer through the shroud of time and discuss what is coming in 2018 regarding all … Continued

HarperDB, Living on the Edge!

Anyone who has read William Gibson, Neil Stephenson, or Neal Asher has known for a long time that edge computing was coming. People have been playing around with concepts like Beowulf clusters since the 90s. That said, technology is finally at a point where advances and uses of edge computing are beginning to overtake massive server environments. At HarperDB, we … Continued