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How to Pick a Database for your IoT Project

 There are a lot of things to consider when jumping into a new IoT project such as security, connectivity, hardware, device management, battery life, sensor types, and many more.  One of the things that often becomes an afterthought is data management.  That said, data management can have a major impact on many of the aforementioned areas.  The goal of … Continued

Dynamic Schema: The HarperDB Way

How can you possibly have a dynamic schema? Isn’t the purpose of a schema to provide structure to your data? Well, yes, schemas exist to contain objects and define structure. But what happens if I know my data will continue to evolve, as it tends to do? Should you have to constantly rely on developers … Continued

Building a Healthcare Portal with HarperDB HTAP

 The HarperDB Hackathon concluded on Monday with five stellar finalists but only one winner. Congratulations to Team Pangongso on your incredible Healthcare Portal example using HarperDB. The sole member of Pangongso, Ashwini Kumar, is an accomplished technical architect out of Boston working in finance. The goal of Ashwini’s healthcare portal was very similar to that of HarperDB, to simplify … Continued

The Beowulf ARMy and the Advantage of HTAP for IoT

One of the things we have been talking about a lot in the IoT space is taking advantage of existing capital investments for HTAP workloads.  For example, a lot of companies are purchasing massive amounts of IoT devices; however, in a lot of cases those devices are being used for collection only.    Something that really interests … Continued

HarperDB 2017 Recap: Rethinking IoT and HTAP

2017 has been an exciting inaugural year for HarperDB.  We moved into our first office in Downtown Denver in March and were the first tenants in a brand new building, which was both fun and challenging.  We got to work straight away on coding our product and goto market activities and by the end of May we … Continued

HTAP: What is it and Why Choose it as a Database

HTAP Database: Breaking Down the Basics At HarperDB we have been using the term “HTAP” a lot and I thought it would be helpful to break down this newish term that was coined a few years back by Gartner. HTAP stands for Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing and is a database model that can ingest high volumes of data while also enabling analytical processing concurrently. Existing … Continued

Growing Pains with Industrial IoT

Too many IoT sensors, not enough disks. You read the GE report and got leadership on board with big data and Industrial IoT. You enabled all your edge computing IoT sensors and monitors. You painstakingly designed and implemented your data warehouse for analytics with custom ETL solutions. You turned on the data fire hose.  Then … Continued