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CES 2019: What Happens if it’s Offline?

Zachary and I had the pleasure of attending #CES2019 in Las Vegas.  We saw a lot of really incredible things from Flying Vehicles, to Haptic VR suits combined with human gerbil like balls, and every imaginable type of AI, 3D printer, image recognition software, and smart home device – like a cocktail maker and smart diaper.   After … Continued

HarperDB @ IoT World 2018

Last week, with much anticipation, HarperDB sponsored and exhibited at the annual IoT World in Santa Clara, CA.  Over 3 days, the team spoke to a diverse group of people from developers and potential software partners, to analysts and investors.  We were one of over 170 exhibitors at the conference.  Exhibitors ranged from very large enterprise companies, like SAP, … Continued

HarperDB @ IoTBuild 2018

 Last week HarperDB exhibited at IoTBuild in San Francisco, California.  This was our first IoT conference and we couldn’t have had more fun!  We came ready to show off HarperDB on our brand new Raspberry Pi demo cluster and to talk with leading thinkers in the IoT space, and we did just that.   Arrival When we first arrived we didn’t … Continued

Meet the HarperDB Fully Indexed Database

Origins Yesterday, our engineering team took a quick break from coding to discuss HarperDB. While it was a shorter webinar, it was great to hear from the guys who not only built HarperDB but have also been working together for over 6 years. Stephen, our CEO, started the webinar off with a little background on HarperDB. Our CTO, Kyle, then took over to run … Continued

HarperDB at Node.js Interactive

HarperDB had its coming out party to the Node.js community last week as we were a sponsor at Node.js Interactive in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The event is one of many hosted by the Linux Foundation and the venue provided for an incredible backdrop to a very exciting event. There were approximately 750 attendees this year and the … Continued