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Distributed Application Processing with Apache Kafka & HarperDB

I recently learned about Apache Kafka and wanted to learn about it in my favorite manner: build a project using it! I’ve used other similar products in the past and explored the pros and cons so it would be great to explore Kafka as well. My plan is to emulate a storefront already using Apache … Continued

Simple Multi-Node Table Replication with HarperDB Pub/Sub

In the previous articles that I’ve written about HarperDB, we’ve explored the realms of Kubernetes, and Helm. Now it’s time to step back a little and try to understand another cool feature that it offers in this short and straight-to-the-point article. Let’s imagine we work for a company that provides business intelligence on productive processes … Continued

HarperDB 2021 Roadmap – Product Team Interview

As with any innovative, fast-paced tech startup, the community is often curious about what’s to come. What’s the next feature, product adaptation, project, etc. (As if being the first distributed database with hybrid SQL/NoSQL functionality and a REST API isn’t enough … 😆 jk jk). So, as HarperDB embarks on the most exciting year yet, I decided … Continued

Containers Explained (By a Non-Developer)

Happy Holidays! I wanted to squeeze in one more explained blog before the end of the year and I picked a doozy to finish out 2020. Let’s take a look at the mysterious, the elusive, yet amazing THING that is containers (yup, calling it a thing). When I thought about containers before I did my … Continued

HarperDB Containerization Journey

How I Single-Handedly Containered HarperDB HarperDB is a simple database that is adequately configured, works as a distributed database verging towards serverless, and is significant for micro-service-oriented architecture. It enables developers to think responsibly about the data they are collecting. Companies can begin to isolate the important data from the noise, and store only the … Continued