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JavaScript Explained (By a Non-Developer)

An honest interpretation of all things developer from the person you would least expect, a marketer. Ever wonder how people on the outside of a specific industry such as software development understand and describe the common terms within that field? Even if you haven’t, I am here to start a series of posts explaining developer … Continued

SDKs, App Games, & Zapier Oh My!

The Cloud Hackathon that Brought it All Last month, the HarperDB team hosted our second hackathon and the participating teams did not disappoint. We had 10 submissions, and each was more unique than the last. The challenge was to extend the capabilities of HarperDB, whether that be creating SDK’s/add-ons to benefit developers, or features making … Continued

LMDB Deep Dive: Interview with Kyle, HarperDB CTO

Recently, the HarperDB team invited the folks behind AlaSQL, a popular client-side in-memory SQL database, to a virtual Q&A. It was interesting to learn more about AlaSQL and how HarperDB uses AlaSQL on the backend. This got me thinking about one of the other tools we use within our tech foundation, LMDB. While we have … Continued

Migrate from MongoDB to HarperDB

Update, 10/06/2020: HarperDB has built a simple and easy to use migration tool within the studio for MongoDB that you can access directly here. MongoDB is probably the most prolific NoSQL database in existence. They set the stage for a data revolution and we at HarperDB are eternally grateful for that. Yet, there are certain … Continued

Clustering 2.0 with HarperDB

 We’ve all been working hard here at HarperDB to bring you the new and improved HarperDB 2.0.One of the main features that received a makeover was our solution for enhancing distributed computing, and more specifically, clustering. The new version has improvements across the board with performance, reliability and scalability. In this blog I’m going to introduce the concept of clustering and how … Continued

Performance Testing Javascript & Node with Benchmark.js

  At HarperDB, we’re working to build the best distributed database solution from the edge to the cloud. As a software developer on the team, I spend most of my time thinking about how to increase the stability and speed of our codebase – ideally, any work I’m doing achieves both of these priorities.  

We’re Big Fans of Node-RED

During a recent trip to NodeJS Interactive in Vancouver last October, Zach (Chief Product Officer) and Eli (Principal Engineer) spoke to multiple people who suggested they look into Node-RED, especially since they built an IoT database.  The guys came back home, did some quick research, thought “this looks pretty cool,” then threw it on the backlog…where it sat for a while. Whoops.  In the last few months we … Continued