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MongoDB to HarperDB Migrator: Tutorial

As you may already know, our goal at HarperDB is to be the easiest, most user-friendly, and intuitive database there is. Keeping in line with this, along with the many resources, features, and packages that come with HarperDB, we recently launched the HarperDB Migrator tool. The HarperDB Migrator allows you to quickly and easily replicate … Continued

SQL Explained (By a Non-Developer)

Welcome to the second installment of Developer lingo explained by a non-developer. How do you follow up with a term so widely used and intricate to modern development, like JavaScript? I decided to take it back to a more tried and true function within software development, SQL. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is used … Continued

Databases in Coding Schools, Yay or Nay?

Over the last several months, I’ve been doing qualitative research into the coding school / developer education space. Specifically investigating if, how, and why coding programs incorporate databases into their curriculum. While there were of course some differences based on location, size, and emphasis, there were also a few interesting commonalities. I thought I’d share my … Continued

Extending HarperDB: Powered by the Community

A database, or perhaps any technology, is only as powerful as it is flexible. Some technologies and tools have great functionality but they make it difficult for the user- forcing them to adapt something on their end in order to access and/or accommodate the technology. While this may work for some folks, that’s not how … Continued

Our New Approach to Role Permissions

In our 2.2.0 version release this week, we made major changes to the way role permissions are managed and used in HarperDB.   Prior to this release, we used permissions as a way to explicitly identify schema items to restrict role access to. In our new release, we have flipped that paradigm and now use … Continued

JavaScript Explained (By a Non-Developer)

An honest interpretation of all things developer from the person you would least expect, a marketer. Ever wonder how people on the outside of a specific industry such as software development understand and describe the common terms within that field? Even if you haven’t, I am here to start a series of posts explaining developer … Continued

SDKs, App Games, & Zapier Oh My!

The Cloud Hackathon that Brought it All Last month, the HarperDB team hosted our second hackathon and the participating teams did not disappoint. We had 10 submissions, and each was more unique than the last. The challenge was to extend the capabilities of HarperDB, whether that be creating SDK’s/add-ons to benefit developers, or features making … Continued