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Clustering 2.0 with HarperDB

 We’ve all been working hard here at HarperDB to bring you the new and improved HarperDB 2.0.One of the main features that received a makeover was our solution for enhancing distributed computing, and more specifically, clustering. The new version has improvements across the board with performance, reliability and scalability. In this blog I’m going to introduce the concept of clustering and how … Continued

Performance Testing Javascript & Node with Benchmark.js

  At HarperDB, we’re working to build the best distributed database solution from the edge to the cloud. As a software developer on the team, I spend most of my time thinking about how to increase the stability and speed of our codebase – ideally, any work I’m doing achieves both of these priorities.  

Building an Edge Database for IoT with Linux File System

Hello world!  My name is Sam and I am the newest member of the HarperDB Engineering Team.   While I may be relatively new, I have been following the company since they launched last year (I’ve known Stephen since college) and jumped at the opportunity to join this awesome team.  I was and still am excited by the … Continued

We’re Big Fans of Node-RED

During a recent trip to NodeJS Interactive in Vancouver last October, Zach (Chief Product Officer) and Eli (Principal Engineer) spoke to multiple people who suggested they look into Node-RED, especially since they built an IoT database.  The guys came back home, did some quick research, thought “this looks pretty cool,” then threw it on the backlog…where it sat for a while. Whoops.  In the last few months we … Continued

What is HarperDB’s Open Source Strategy?

When first learning about HarperDB, a lot of folks ask about our Open Source Strategy.  Given one of our core-values is transparency, I thought it important to publish our strategy publicly.    I am a former Red Hatter and a passionate believer that Open Source is good for the world. When forming HarperDB, we did some really deep … Continued

Roles & Users in HarperDB

 HarperDB gives you the ability to restrict access to schemas, tables & attributes. This level of access control allows you to isolate which users/roles can do specific actions against HarperDB as well as limiting access to data you don’t want certain users to view all the way down to the attribute level.  On install of … Continued

Join Us: Let’s Talk SQL Joins

 After coming up with the worst pun ever made in the database community, this title, to talk about one of if not the most powerful features in relational databases: the SQL join. I believe that the joins are a big reason the relational databases have stayed so relevant in a world where everyone seems to … Continued