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What is Database Clustering?

What is a database cluster? Database clustering is the process of connecting more than one single database instance or server to your system. In most common database clusters, multiple database instances are usually managed by a single database server called the master. In the systems design world, implementing such a design may be necessary especially … Continued

What Web3 & Decentralization Mean for Data Storage

The recent explosion of web3 content, discussion, and debating seems to have happened overnight. Or, maybe we just recently started using the term to describe what we’ve been moving towards since the Internet was first conceptualized. Either way, there are already tons of great articles out there on web3 and blockchain technology. Instead, I wanted … Continued

Build a Dynamic REST API with Custom Functions

I’m a new software developer here at HarperDB. So like many of you visiting the blog, I’ve got fresh eyes on this product. Two weeks ago, my sights were set on HarperDB’s newest feature, Custom Functions. My task was to create a plug-and-play REST API template with our Custom Functions. As you read this I … Continued