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Multimodel Databases- A Mistake

 We have talked a lot in our blog about NoSQL vs SQL covering the pluses and minuses of both. You can read in more detail about our perspectives on this topic in Kyle’s blog NoSQL & SQL: Why Can’t We Be Friends?  To summarize, at HarperDB we feel that for high scale data ingestion and uptime, NoSQL is awesome.  For business analytics we feel that SQL is still king. … Continued

Myth Busted: Parallelization in our Node.js Database

Like any heavily adopted programming language, node.js has its critics.  Some of the criticism is accurate, but there’s a specific one that really grinds my gears.    “JavaScript is single-threaded and therefore can’t do parallelization.”  There are variations on this depending on how granular or pedantic the critic gets, but the idea is the same. … Continued

HTAP: What is it and Why Choose it as a Database

HTAP Database: Breaking Down the Basics At HarperDB we have been using the term “HTAP” a lot and I thought it would be helpful to break down this newish term that was coined a few years back by Gartner. HTAP stands for Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing and is a database model that can ingest high volumes of data while also enabling analytical processing concurrently. Existing … Continued

Growing Pains with Industrial IoT

Too many IoT sensors, not enough disks. You read the GE report and got leadership on board with big data and Industrial IoT. You enabled all your edge computing IoT sensors and monitors. You painstakingly designed and implemented your data warehouse for analytics with custom ETL solutions. You turned on the data fire hose.  Then … Continued

Meet the HarperDB Fully Indexed Database

Origins Yesterday, our engineering team took a quick break from coding to discuss HarperDB. While it was a shorter webinar, it was great to hear from the guys who not only built HarperDB but have also been working together for over 6 years. Stephen, our CEO, started the webinar off with a little background on HarperDB. Our CTO, Kyle, then took over to run … Continued

A Historical View of Data Storage and Retrieval

Histories of databases all start at relatively the same stage, technologically speaking, save the storage of data on rocks to paper ledgers.  Each history describes the evolution of the data model; hierarchical, network and then the transformational paper, “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks” by Edgar F. Codd. All the different syntaxes … Continued

NoSQL & SQL: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

 Today, the choices of which database to use for our projects can be overwhelming. You want a high scalability, high throughput, easy to implement product so you choose a NoSQL database. You also want to relate your objects together for advanced dashboarding and reporting so now a relational database is thrown into the mix.   You … Continued