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Lessons from Subsea Oil & Gas on Managing Data Pipelines

In the oil and gas industry, pipelines are an essential component of the business, essentially transporting product from its source to a destination, where it can be processed to meet client requirements.  As new product sources are found and exploited, they are integrated into existing pipelines for transport to their ultimate destinations.  In the subsea oil and gas market, this term … Continued

What is Polyglot Persistence and Why is it awful?

According to Wikipedia, “Polyglot persistence is the concept of using different data storage technologies to handle different data storage needs within a given software application.”  James Serra, in his blog writes,  “Polyglot Persistence is a fancy term to mean that when storing data, it is best to use multiple data storage technologies, chosen based upon the way data is being used by individual applications … Continued

Why DataOps is Critical to Driving Business Value

At this point, I don’t think it is necessary to convince anyone that data is becoming mission critical to organizations of all sizes.  We have seen an enormous growth in big data projects over the last decade.  Companies are trying to get an accurate picture of their customers across almost every vertical.  Many dollars have been invested in … Continued