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3 Methods to Help Developers Succeed

Andrew Baisden, Software Developer with over 8 years of experience, shares tips on how to help software development teams succeed within your organization.  How to Help Developers Thrive A company’s strength comes from its teams and the structures that they have set in place for working on projects throughout the organization. You can hire some … Continued

What is a Coding Playlist?

What is your favorite music to work to? OR do you prefer no music at all because you need quiet to focus on whatever it is that you are working on? Do you like music with words when you’re relaxing, but music with no words when you are trying to meet a deadline at work? … Continued

That’s a Wrap – HarperDB 2020

Though this year has been quite different for everyone, the team at HarperDB has made great strides from both a product and organization standpoint. Before 2021 arrives, we wanted to take a moment to summarize what we’ve accomplished this year, how we overcame challenges, and what we look forward to next year. HarperDB has an … Continued

The HarperDB Summer Internship Experience

Interview As the summer of 2019 approached, my urgency to find an internship heightened. Not just any internship- not a summer camp internship or a sales internship, not a “build your own business internship,” but a genuine and valuable internship that would expose me to real data and allow me to feel that I had truly contributed. When searching for such opportunities, positions for financial analysts at banks … Continued

Why I Geek Out On Robots

Those that know me today may be shocked to hear that I was a quiet, shy, nerdy kid in high school. Well, at least the shy and quiet part, I probably still have the nerdy part covered. Back then, like most kids, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I liked playing with … Continued

2018: HarperDB’s Year in Review

2018 was a very big year for HarperDB.  We officially launched our product in February, we brought on our first customers, our team grew by 30% adding some incredible folks, and we have found some great traction in the transportation, telecom, and energy verticals.  We have seen the IoT market mature and change from vision to … Continued

Data, Design, Dogs

There’s something truly special about working for HarperDB. I try to explain to my parents and friends from school about all the different experiences and new exposure I’ve gained, but it’s hard to put into words an entire summer filled with learning, designing, and completely leaving my comfort zone. Sitting in the office yesterday, I was … Continued