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CES 2019: What Happens if it’s Offline?

Zachary and I had the pleasure of attending #CES2019 in Las Vegas.  We saw a lot of really incredible things from Flying Vehicles, to Haptic VR suits combined with human gerbil like balls, and every imaginable type of AI, 3D printer, image recognition software, and smart home device – like a cocktail maker and smart diaper.   After … Continued

IoT: In the Cloud and on the Edge

 The Internet of Things (IoT) is inherently edge biased. The “things” are all devices out in the world, not encased in a high-tech data center. Naturally, we expect initial data collection to take place on these devices, but what happens after that? Where does the data go? How is it processed? Is the data processed? Is any value derived … Continued

The Pendulum Swing to the Edge

 It’s funny how the pendulum swings in the technology world.  First we started with mainframes, then moved to personal computers, now we’re back to the cloud.  Remote, local, remote. Right now we’re on the forefront of the pendulum swinging back again, this time to edge computing.  Today’s blog post is all about possibilities.  The what if?  What if we … Continued

The Mist and Fog Beneath the Cloud

Cloud computing has been a dominant buzzword in the software industry for the last 10 years or so. Pushing workloads to remote servers has become the industry standard for almost all data processing and storage, but as the IoT community continues to innovate we find ourselves pushing some of this workload back out towards the edge. … Continued

Hybrid Cloud: A Perfect Blend

The Cloud. The term in tech is as amorphous as a real cloud. Clouds come in various types: public, private, hybrid, there is even a fog.  But what exactly are they all and how do they benefit organizations? We’ll do a quick dive into what these are and discuss which one we feel has the most benefit. … Continued