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Wrangling Your Dark Data

 As we talk with clients about their challenges, the topic invariably turns to Industry 4.0. This is interesting to me because it’s a largely generalized concept and while there are many reasons companies want to implement Industry 4.0, one main reason is FOMO.  If you are under the age of 30 then FOMO is probably a standard phrase, luckily I have college-aged kids who happen … Continued

The Future of Big Data is Small Data

The Looming Crisis of Big Data databases at Thing Scale. As a partially reformed software engineer, I’m acutely aware of the balance we all attempt to maintain between what we can achieve today and what we believe we’re going to be able to achieve tomorrow. In theory, our increasingly complex attempts to understand the universe … Continued

Why DataOps is Critical to Driving Business Value

At this point, I don’t think it is necessary to convince anyone that data is becoming mission critical to organizations of all sizes.  We have seen an enormous growth in big data projects over the last decade.  Companies are trying to get an accurate picture of their customers across almost every vertical.  Many dollars have been invested in … Continued

5 Common Mistakes in IoT Sensor Data Analytics

 At this point I think it’s a given that everyone is excited about IoT.  Consumers are excited because their 6 year old daughters can accidentally order $170 doll houses with Alexa and businesses are excited because they can see results like 92% increase in labor utilization.    That said, if we are being honest, most organizations while hugely interested … Continued

When and Where to Use ETL Tools

 Data is the foundation of all modern software. Without data, what’s the point? Now, what happens when we need to move that data from one application and/or database to another? That’s where ETL tools come into play. ETL stands from Extract, Transform, Load and essentially means data migration from one system to another. Sometimes these tools … Continued

5 Things You Can Improve with Parallel Computing

 Parallel computing has gotten more and more common over the years. I think a large part of that is because nearly every device we use today has a multi-core processor. I really mean everything; even the Apple Watch has a dual-core processor. Naturally a lot of software has caught up with this trend and introduced some … Continued

Connecting Tableau to HarperDB

What’s the point in gathering and storing data if you can’t turn it into actionable information? Business Intelligence (BI) tools are vital in order to make informed decisions and data must be accessible from your database. HarperDB Enterprise Edition comes complete with native drivers (ODBC and JDBC) with can be used to easily connect to … Continued