Core to Edge With HarperDB


Whether your data is at the edge, in motion or at rest, delivering real and actionable insights is a crucial requirement across every IoT and edge deployment. Learn more about how to achieve real-time reaction and decision making with the right data platform in this white paper. Here are some highlights:

The 4th Industrial Revolution is Here Are You Ready?

At its core IoT marries the digital and physical world. Understand the foundation of IoT  and advanced edge architectures and how the 4th industrial revolution is being driven by real-time decisioning and analytics thanks to these IoT architectures and digital transformation.

Ditching Archaic OT and IT Silos is Key

There are many key drivers when it comes to the need for OT and IT convergence. See the different technology drivers and gain a better understanding of what is needed to achieve a highly successful converged environment.

Edge Is Taking Over

Modern day IoT deployments require more active sensors/devices. Cloud IoT solutions cannot keep up with the amount of data influx that companies are gathering in day to day operations. Edge based solutions are the answer. Learn more about how edge computing is taking over and why cloud solutions are becoming impractical for IoT today.