Livestream: Build a Python App with HarperDB!

We're excited to host Google Engineer, Joel Wasserman, as he builds a Python App with HarperDB & trains a Machine Learning model on the data. RSVP to code along with Joel!

Don't miss this opportunity to code with Joel!

We are excited to host Google Software Engineer and Flossbank creator, Joel Wasserman, for a fun interactive event! Joel will build a Python App live with HarperDB and train a simple Machine Learning model on the data. Joel will be using the SciKit-learn Python package to train an ML model that predicts whether it's safe to go skydiving based on weather reports. This event is for developers of any skill level and will help you sharpen your Python and Machine Learning skills, as well as app development and general database knowledge. Q&A with Joel and the HarperDB leadership team will follow the demo, so bring your questions!

October 21st, 2020
6-7:30 MT
It's Virtual!  RSVP below
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It's free! We are excited to offer
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Event Agenda, starting at 6:00 PM MST:

→ Introductions: HarperDB & Joel

→ Joel's live code demo

→ Q&A w/ HarperDB, Joel, & Audience

Meet Joel, A Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

Joel Wasserman is a Software Engineer at Google based in Seattle. He also recently founded Flossbank, a platform that allows developers to monetarily give back to open source, distributing the money back to the authors and maintainers based on “distributed revenue sharing”.


Joel is passionate about coding and giving back to the community both online and offline. In his spare time, he loves talking about economics, politics and all sports.

RSVP to Build a Python App and Practice Machine Learning