Calculates the distance between two points in units (default is kilometers).


geoDistance(point1point2[, units])


point1Required. GeoJSON Point specifying the origin.
point2Required. GeoJSON Point specifying the destination.
unitsOptional. Specified as a string. Options are ‘degrees’, ‘radians’, ‘miles’, or ‘kilometers’. Default is ‘kilometers’.

Example 1

Calculate the distance, in miles, between HarperDB’s headquarters and the Washington Monument.

SELECT geoDistance('[-104.979127,39.761563]', '[-77.035248,38.889475]', 'miles')

Example 2

Find all locations that are within 40 kilometers of a given point, return that distance in miles, and sort by distance in an ascending order.

SELECT *, geoDistance('[-104.979127,39.761563]', geo_data, 'miles') as distance 
FROM dev.locations
WHERE geoDistance('[-104.979127,39.761563]', geo_data, 'kilometers') < 40
ORDER BY distance ASC