Create a Project

The easiest way to manage Custom Functions is through HarperDB Studio. It performs all the necessary operations automatically. To get started, navigate to your instance in HarperDB Studio and click the subnav link for “functions”. If you have not yet enabled Custom Functions, it will walk you through the process. Once configuration is complete, you can manage and deploy Custom Functions in minutes.

For users who prefer to handle project creation manually, you have three options:


use the add_custom_function_project operation
This operation creates a new project folder for you, and populates it with templates for the routes, helpers, and static subfolders.

    "operation": "add_custom_function_project",
    "project": "dogs"


clone our public github project template

> git clone ~/hdb/custom_functions/dogs


create a project folder in your CUSTOM_FUNCTIONS_DIRECTORY

> mkdir ~/hdb/custom_functions/dogs