The HarperDB Bounty Program

Get Paid to Work on HarperDB

Get Rewarded For Helping Us Improve

The HarperDB team is committed to the growing community of developers using our database. We not only want your feedback, but we want your help implementing that feedback! In return, we will reward you through paid incentives to help make HarperDB more awesome. 


Why a Bounty Program?

This program has a few different goals. First and foremost is to harness the power of the HarperDB community to build a richer ecosystem of tools, plugins, and applications to extend the power of the HarperDB platform making developers lives easier. We also want to support developers of all skill levels from code newbies to senior devs, by rewarding their creativity, hard work, and passion for development.  We encourage developers of all backgrounds and skill levels to participate, and we are here to support you on your developer journey.  

How it Works

Find a Bounty
Take a look at our feedback board.  Filter for items that have been tagged with #bounty and #unclaimed. Bounties are assigned based on the priority the community assigns a feature, and the amount of work we estimate it will require. Don’t see something that piques your interest?  Add a feature to the board and garner support from the community through upvotes. We will keep this board updated assigning new bounties continuously. Rewards will change as bounties become a higher priority and receive more votes from the community.


Claiming a Bounty 

To claim a bounty you need to submit the bounty claim form below.  Keep in mind, until the bounty is marked #claimed anyone can submit an application to claim the bounty. You will be asked to provide us your Github username, and a high-level description of how you plan to tackle the bounty.  This should include requirements, an architecture, and whatever other details you think are relevant. Our goal for your application architecture submission is to ensure we are in sync on the project scope and plan so that you are building something that meets our requirements for the bounty. Make sure to provide enough detail for us to understand your proposed solution. This is our attempt to validate your proposed solution and provide guidance ahead of time. Additionally, you should include a target completion date for the bounty. It is not our intention to be sticklers about these dates, but we want to have some idea of when we can expect the project to be complete so that folks are not hoarding bounties.    

What Happens Next
HarperDB will review your bounty claim submission. If awarded we will spin up a new Github project for you, add you to the project,  and mark the bounty as #claimed on the feature board. We will then periodically check-in to see how things are going. We want to be a resource to help the community so if you want to set up architectural review meetings or get support on HarperDB the check-ins are a great time to make those requests. Additionally, we want to make sure bounties are not being hoarded so we will be reviewing commits to ensure there are active commits and progress is being made. If inactive after 1 month of claiming a bounty we will reach out to discuss whether it makes sense to return that bounty to #unclaimed status.  

Submitting Your Bounty

Once completed you should notify the HarperDB team at that your project is ready for review. We will do a code-review and a code-scan of the project making sure best practices are followed and that there are no licensing or security vulnerability issues. We will provide feedback to you on both the review and the scan, and give you the opportunity to discuss and correct any issues that need resolution. We will also ask for a timeline on when you think outstanding issues can be resolved. You will then notify the team that the issues are complete and re-submit your project. This will be an iterative process.

Publishing Your Bounty

So your project has been reviewed and approved, congrats! You will be able to find your addition to HarperDB Cloud on the marketplace within a week of approval. Upon approval, you will be paid your bounty within 30 days. Please note, all projects must be released under the MIT License and be open-source and free to use.


Once your feature or functionality has been added to the marketplace, you will have opportunities to add to that feature or fix bugs that arise in your code. HarperDB will provide subsequent bounties for adding new features and fixing bugs to existing plugins. The review process for these fixes and additions will be the same as the initial code review of your original bounty. These will also use the same formula for pay as your original bounty. 

Bounty Bonuses
We want to continue our partnership even after you finish the last line of code for your bounty. Therefore, HarperDB is excited to offer usage-based bonuses on top of your initial bounty payout. We will pay usage-based bonuses as follows:
      1. 1,000 downloads a $250 bonus will be paid to developer
      2. 10,000 downloads a $1,000 bonus will be paid to developer
      3. 100,000 downloads a $5,000 bonus will be paid to developer
      4. 1,000,000 downloads a $10,000 bonus will be paid to developer

After Your Bounty is Completed
Once your code has made it through the HarperDB team code review and your feature or extension has been published, we hope to continue to collaborate with you in the future. As others use your feature they will have the ability to provide feedback or suggest improvements. You will always be given the first opportunity to implement this feedback. If you don’t want to work on it, we will post it to the feedback board where it will be fair game for others to attempt. When a bug is reported on your contribution we will first offer you the opportunity to fix that bug. If you do not wish to fix the bug, then we will add it to our feature board and it will become fair game for anyone to claim and work on. The process will be the same as if it was a new feature.  

Claim Your Bounty