Developer Marketplace

A fast and easy way to extend HarperDB

Flexible Extensions

A collection of SDKs and connectors to expand upon HarperDB for quick and easy solution development. With the goal of being the most user friendly database out there, we provide resources to ensure that you can use the languages and tools that best fit your needs.

Powered By Community

The Marketplace features packages developed by the HarperDB community. As we continue to make HarperDB more accessible, we invite you to share feedback and suggestions, as well as participate in ongoing efforts to expand our marketplace.

Current Marketplace Tools

React Hook

Easily keep track of the loading, error, and data state of your HarperDB queries.

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Python SDK

Implement Python3 for API functions with wrappers for an object oriented interface.

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Node-Red Node

Use Node-Red for easy drag and drop connections.

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Websocket Client

A Javascript client for real-time access to HarperDB transactions

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HarperDB Cargo Crate

A HarperDB SDK for Rust

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Want to Get Paid to Contribute to the Marketplace?

The HarperDB Bounty Program offers developers the chance to get paid for working on HarperDB! We developed this program because we are committed to our growing community and want to implement your feedback quickly. We encourage developers of all skill levels to participate, as this program will also help you grow your knowledge and skill set.