Everything You Will Need

Code along with Cassidy to build your own Hello World React App:

Livestream Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJG566CSMTg
Cassidy’s Github Repo: https://github.com/cassidoo/book-rating-demo
React SDK: https://github.com/HarperDB/harperdb-sdk-react
Free HarperDB Account: https://studio.harperdb.io/sign-up

Love React.js? Us Too!

We were excited to host Software Engineer Cassidy Williams for this fun interactive event! Cassidy built a Hello World React App live with HarperDB. This code along is for developers of any skill level and will help you sharpen your React skills, as well as app development and general database knowledge. We hope you enjoy, and if you like coding with HarperDB, you can use the code CASSIDY to upgrade to any paid instances. It is worth $250 in credits!


Power Your App or Project with HarperDB Cloud

Built for developers of any skill level and fully managed by us, so you can focus on the code that matters in driving value to your project. We have a built-in single endpoint API, real-time bi-directional table-level data replication, and a web-based admin studio. Let’s build something great together.