Everything You Will Need

Here is every resource you will need to build a Lotus Notes to HarperDB Migrator:


Ditch Legacy Systems and Build a Migrator to HarperDB

Notes is typically considered a “legacy” system, but still has a decent-sized footprint in the enterprise world. The feedback the HarperDB team has received about using Notes today is…well…not great. It’s outdated, bulky, and shows its age, but is kept around for custom processes and archival purposes. The driving factor of this is primarily the challenges and upfront costs that come with migrating data out of the legacy application.


Power Your App or Project with HarperDB Cloud

Built for developers of any skill level and fully managed by us, so you can focus on the code that matters in driving value to your project. We have a built-in single endpoint API, real-time bi-directional table-level data replication, and a web-based admin studio. Let’s build something great together.