What is a Coding Tunes Playlist?

We are so excited to bring you HarperDB's Coding Tunes, a monthly Spotify playlist. Every month members of our engineering team each contribute 2-3 songs, we mix them all together, and then share that curated list with the world.  If you need something to code to, write a blog to, or just have a living room dance party, we have you covered. We will release a new playlist at the beginning of every month. If you want to subscribe to be the first to know when a new playlist drops you can do so here. We hope you enjoy a mishmash of our team's eclectic tastes!

How Music Moves You with David Cockerill

Each month, in addition to our coding playlist, we sit down and chat with one of our developers on all things music. This month, we spoke with David Cockerill a Software Engineer at HarperDB.

  • What's your favorite genre of music to work to?
    I don’t have a single favorite genre, it all depends on my mood. Classical, electronic, hip hop, rock…
  • When you code, does the music change?
    I can only code to relaxing music, something classical or lo-fi beats.
  • Who is your favorite artist right now?
  • What was your favorite concert that you attended in recent history?
    Vegoose festival 2007 in Vegas, I got to see Rage Against the Machine and Daft Punk play, among others.
  • What songs did you contribute to the May playlist?

    1. Girl (feat. KAYTRANADA) By The Internet
    2. Friends (feat. Tom Morello)- Tom Misch Remix, By Raury
    3. Doin' Time By Lana Del Ray
    4. Supersonic Rocket Ship By The Kinks

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