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HERN Stack, Comin’ In Hot

New tech terms and lingo are constantly popping up in the development world. It’s hard to keep up! People also love to share and debate about their favorite tech stacks and tools / frameworks. That said, there is no ultimate right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a tech stack because it really … Continued

5 Ways to Use HarperDB in Your Next Project

HarperDB strives to provide the simplest and most streamlined database solution for developers everywhere. That said, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean that it’s not powerful. HarperDB provides plenty of powerful tools to use in a diverse set of projects. In a year that has been unhinged, HarperDB has only added stability. Features and functionality … Continued

That’s a Wrap – HarperDB 2020

Though this year has been quite different for everyone, the team at HarperDB has made great strides from both a product and organization standpoint. Before 2021 arrives, we wanted to take a moment to summarize what we’ve accomplished this year, how we overcame challenges, and what we look forward to next year. HarperDB has an … Continued

Containers Explained (By a Non-Developer)

Happy Holidays! I wanted to squeeze in one more explained blog before the end of the year and I picked a doozy to finish out 2020. Let’s take a look at the mysterious, the elusive, yet amazing THING that is containers (yup, calling it a thing). When I thought about containers before I did my … Continued

Strict Schema Enforcement vs. Schemaless vs. Dynamic Schema

The debate over whether to use a schema or not has passionate support on both sides. One side appreciates data integrity constraints and predictability, while the other prefers more flexibility (or “agility”) and time effectiveness. The ultimate answer as to which is “better” most likely depends on the specific project, data used, and associated skill … Continued

HarperDB’s New Upsert Feature

In our new 2.3.0 release, we included an often requested NoSQL upsert operation to HarperDB*.  This new hybrid operation will insert new records, if they do not exist, or update them, if they do. This new feature can be used in two different ways via HarperDB’s API – via a simple NoSQL operation or as … Continued

WebSocket Explained By a Non-Developer

Welcome back! It’s been a minute since I explained something most of you probably know better than me 🙂. For WebSocket, I knew very little before I did my research. I understood that it was widely used and that it was a tool for two way communication, but had no knowledge beyond that. So let’s … Continued