2018: HarperDB’s Year in Review

2018 was a very big year for HarperDB.  We officially launched our product in February, we brought on our first customers, our team grew by 30% adding some incredible folks, and we have found some great traction in the transportation, telecom, and energy verticals.  We have seen the IoT market mature and change from vision to reality.  We are also extremely excited about 2019 and feel that it will be a pivotal year in the history of HarperDB.   

Product(s) to Market

In 2018 HarperDB launched the Enterprise Edition and HarperDB Studio.  It was exciting to see how both the Enterprise market and the Open Source community would respond to those products respectively.   

We have had amazing conversations with developers and enterprises across industries about what they are building with HarperDB and it has been very exciting to watch.  We are even more excited about some of the incredible projects we are working on in Transportation and Telecom that will be announced early next year.   

Our innovation around HarperDB continues and we have added many features like Geo capability, Time-to-Live, performance improvements, and many more.  We are also working on some exciting things like HarperDB for Android which will be rolled out in the very near future.    


As indicated in previous updates, in May of this year we filed for our Non-Provisional Patent to our 2017 provisional patent and have since received a Notice of Allowance in October as well as a Notice of Publication in December.  We expect to have the final issue of our patent in approximately 6 weeks. Additionally, we are filing for a continuation of this patent which allows us to make further claims to the invention and continue to increase the scope of protection.  Early in 2019, we will be filing a provisional patent for a new HarperDB invention.  From that point, we will have one year to file for the non-provisional on that new invention.    

New Team Members

We’re growing!  Interest in HarperDB continues to increase across industries.  In response to this, we have added some key members to our sales and delivery teams.  This has helped us streamline the delivery of our professional services as well as our ability to communicate with customers and prospective clients.   


We have achieved great expansion of our delivery and support capabilities thanks to our strategic partnerships with Cintra and eBIW.  Through our incredible partners we are able to offer quality support and delivery of a company well beyond our size.  Ensuring a quality experience for our customers is a top priority.     


HarperDB continues to be recognized in the media as a thought leader in the IoT space by organizations like Forbes, Analytics India, SilconAngel, 451 Research, and many more.  This has helped us convey our message about the exciting things we are doing in peer to peer computing and distributed computing.  It is always a challenge when changing existing paradigms, and the continued media coverage helps us on our journey to simplify IoT data management for Industry 4.0.  


We have seen 2018 bring a major shift in the IoT market.  Until very recently, most folks were talking about IoT, but few were doing anything.  We are now seeing companies from small startups to major enterprises begin to fund and tackle major IoT initiatives and it is our strong prediction that 2019 will be the year that IoT goes from a concept to a reality.  HarperDB plans to be at the forefront of these initiatives. 

We’d like to thank everyone for their continued support and wish you a wonderful and exciting 2019!