Simplicity Without Sacrifice

HarperDB's global application platform makes product innovation easier, user experience better, and saves companies millions.

Customers & Partners

Innovate Easily

Unify your application's code and data to simplify development and scale performance globally.

Go from proof of concept to production faster than you thought possible.

Data, Application, & Topology
Fastify-powered Custom Functions
Auto-indexed, dynamic schema database
Leverages your existing workflow
Driver-free HTTP interface
Any Workload
Create APIs, train and deploy ML/AI,
and process data anywhere
Any Language

Write your business logic in any language and run it with HarperDB

Any Location
Package and deploy data and code across your network with a single click

Eliminate Latency

Globally optimized infrastructure, out of the box delivers happiness to your users in the blink of an eye.

That's the benefit of having everything, everywhere, all at once.

2 ms roundtrip edge
50 ms roundtrip cloud
100 ms global replication
Flexible topology based on your needs
Faster Responses

Get closer to your users to lower latency and deliver instant gratification

Faster Throughput

Do more work with fewer servers: 140k transactions/second/node

Faster Consistency
Reconcile transactions across your global cluster in under 100ms

Performant and Cost-Effective at Scale

140k transactions/second/node, and as many nodes as you need across a global footprint for unrivaled latency.

Unlimited scale with a linear cost model. HarperDB is the first and last application platform you'll ever need.

Drastically fewer global servers
Workload-based per node licensing
No egress charges
Lower maintenance

Actual Performance Gains

Digital OOH Ads: 250x lower latency + 75% less infrastructure spend

Streaming Media: From 145 to 45ms + 70% compute reduction

Scaleable Topology
Globally distributed clusters grow on demand and never slow down
Scalable Cost
1:1 cost-to-performance ratio that stabilizes your business model
Scalable Savings

Spend less on development, infrastructure, and maintenance