Say Goodbye to Latency Ridden End-User Experience

Modern applications are easily deployed in a globally distributed paradigm, but the databases that power them often remain in a single cloud region, resulting in Internet latency delays caused by the application calling back to the database. This latency often leads to a poor end-user experience. HarperDB is cloud-agnostic and easily distributed. Move your data closer to the user: improve user experience and reduce cloud dependency with HarperDB.

Multi & Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud becomes attainable with lower costs and reduced complexity with HarperDB.  Say goodbye to cloud lock-in with HarperDB Hybrid Cloud.

Global Edge Persistence

Extend your data closer to the end-user with HarperDB on edge data centers to improve response times and effectively distribute computational load.

Distributed APIs

Easily distribute APIs and data storage to the edge to remove bottlenecks and reduce latency and cost.

Customers and Partners Who Trust HarperDB

Data Portability Has Never Been Easier

HarperDB uses a native web-based framework, written in Node.js, exposing an HTTP API for consumption from all languages. HarperDB is simple and easy to use, but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. HarperDB is modular, extensible, and scalable, both vertically and horizontally, for most data workloads.

Connect to Anything

HarperDB has a variety of drivers and plugins like ODBC, JDBC, Node-RED, and many more. Consume JSON data in real-time and execute advanced analytics using BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and many others.

Simple, Modern Management

HarperDB Studio is our sleek, intuitive management UI. Browse, query, and manage data; launch, license, cluster, and secure instances; organize projects, clients, billing, and users- all in one place, with no coding required.